What is MyMovingOcity

What do we do and why was it created?

Our Mission

We created mymovingocity to help local small moving, cleaning, and storage businesses and services help gain exposure on the web. We wanted to make an online one stop shop website to not only help users find credible local businesses but also help small businesses finding customers. We know in today's time most go online when trying to find a business or service and without being done has become hard for some small businesses to get their needed exposure when competing with larger companies. That is why we created Mymovingocity to support our local businesses and services to help them get the exposure they deserve and need. We also want people to know there are some great local services right here in our community that do excellent work and are great at what they do and should be considered when looking for a particular type of service. We want to help move Jacksonville towards supporting and sharing local businesses so we can help them grow and help our community grow.

Business Man

Are you a business?

If you own or provide a business or service and would like to list your service you can sign up and create a account. By doing so you can help us grow our list of businesses and service and we can help you be seen online. Lets work together and help you be promoted. It only takes a few minutes and you can have your service listed in just a few simple steps. Why not the advantage of listing your service with us, it's free advertising.

Help us grow by becoming a user

By simply becoming a user you can help spread the word. If you use the service on Mymovingocity write a review to let others know their performance. You can also help spread knowledge of these services by sharing them on Facebook and Google Plus. Let your friends know about these great local services. It's users just like you that help our local businesses be recognized.

Help Us Grow
Users Like You

With Help From Users Like You

By gathering information from customers like you we are finding Movers, Storage, and Cleaning service providers and listing them on our website for an all-in-one experience for your convenience. We make sure they meet our "Bang for your Buck" standards. Meaning the company's response time, price, professionalism and quality of work is competitive in the marketplace.